This is so delicious and versatile! I love anything that can be made in large batches to save on time in the kitchen throughout the week and anything that pairs well on multiple meals. This is one of those plant based staples to have in the fridge.

It can be served on nachos, pasta, salads or even as a straight up dip. Plus children love making it and eating it. A winning combination in my books.

If you like it thick, then reduce the amount of liquid but if you like a smoother consistency then add more water. Simply adjust this recipe based on the strength of your blender and your taste preferences.

Super easy, super simple.


Vegan 🔸 Gluten free 🔸 Paleo 🔸 Keto 🔸 Refined sugar free



1 Cup (150g) Raw Cashew nuts

2 Tbsp Nutritional yeast

1 Clove Garlic (crushed)

1 tsp Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed)

1/2 Cup of Water

1/4 Cup of Olive Oil



1/4 tsp of Smokey Paprika

2 tsp Pink Salt Flakes

Pinch Black Pepper



1. Soak your cashews in a bowl of water for 1-2 hours. You can also speed up the process by soaking them in boiling water for 30mins if you like. Avoiding this step is possible if you have a heavy duty blender but soaking them gives you the added benefit of making them more bio available to your gut and eliminating any inhibitors or toxic substances, so it's definitely a step worth doing.

2. Drain the cashews and place into the blender along with the remaining ingredients and seasonings.

3. You can add more liquid if your blender is having trouble blending. Just continually stop to stir the contents and add more seasonings as you add more liquid to balance the flavours.



Fridge: 7 days

Freezer: 1 month


Don't know where to find these ingredients? The Source Bulk Foods are a national dry foods store that has all the specialty dry foods you need. Most health food shops will also stock these pantry staples too.


Anne-Sophie Rayment, Nutritional Advisor.