Our Story

Hi I'm Anne-Sophie!

I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition) at university.

But I'm also the founder of Habotat, a mother, a cook and an industry expert in the hospitality sector for over 10 years.

Established in 2020, Habotat has been sourcing and producing traditionally forged kitchenwares, curated spices, all natural pantry goods, quality crafted eco tools and low tox household essentials to nourish the body and simplify the home.

Our mission is to inspire an urban generation to grow, cook, preserve and & learn about health.

Nutrition, function and design are always at the forefront of our minds to give you realistic swaps that practically support you on your health journey.

All our products and packaging are ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and designed to be re-usable or recyclable from purchase to delivery.

I hope our life changing products help you to live simply, naturally, minimally and sustainably.

Health starts in the home, so let's get back to basic living.

Happy cooking! ox