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Cardamom Green Pods - Organic

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Cardamom Green Pods Whole - Certified Organic: the signature spice of the famous chai tea, cardamom is sweet yet deeply pungent with camphoric tones. Use to flavour rice, meat stews, desserts and black tea. Cardamom refers to several plants of the similar genera elettaria and amomum in the ginger family zingiberaceae. It is the world's third most expensive spice by weight, outstripped in market value only by saffron and vanilla. Green cardamom is broadly used in south east asia to treat infections in teeth and gums, to prevent and treat throat troubles, congestion of the lungs and pulmonary tuberculosis, inflammation of eyelids, and digestive disorders. It has also been used to break up kidney and gall stones. This is a lovely aromatic spice with a vibrant colour that you will love.

Single Origin: India

Weight: 37g

Ingredients:  certified organic Ellettaria cardamomum 

Allergen Advice: Gluten free, nut free, preservative free, free from irradiation, vegan friendly and certified organic.


What You'll Love

Features a handy refillable glass jar with a categorised designer label to make any cook's pantry organised, beautiful and easy to grab on demand whilst reducing the all too common clutter and stress in the kitchen. Gone are the days of buying cheap spice packets and wasting time emptying them into containers because we've solved that problem too!

Zero Waste

No plastic here. Our entire spice range is environmentally friendly and has been carefully curated to be re-usable and recyclable from purchase to delivery. Even our packaging and tape are fully compostable.


Foodies rejoice! Unlike the generic brands on the supermarket shelves, our herbs and spices do not contain bulk fillers, anti-caking agents or preservatives and are also free from irradiation, so you can be assured you are getting the very best. We take great care sourcing and ensuring quality along the supply chain from farm to consumer, importing from exotic origins to milling and blending in Australia. Even making sure our organic range is actually verifiably certified organic. We've truely scoured the world to give you the very finest!

Cost Effective

Cooking at home and controlling what goes on your food is an investment in your health!

Our jars contain a larger volume than the other inferior brands, making it a value for money purchase.

But if you are thinking about getting multiple jars, take a look at the spice kits under our Gifts section. They come pre-discounted - a more economical option than buying each spice individually.