Chinese Five Spice

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Chinese Five Spice - Spice Blend: encompasses all five flavours – sweet, sour, bitter, pungent and salty, with a dominating taste and aroma of cassia and star anise. While this is used more commonly in chinese and taiwanese cuisine, it is additionally used in other parts of asia and in some arabic dishes. This blend is best suited to sweeter meats such as pork or duck and is glorious in combination with sugar and honey. Sprinkle into stir-fries, or add some salt and coat meat prior to grilling or frying, or mix into marinades.

Origin Blend: South East Asia

Weight: 48g

Ingredients:  cassia cinnamon, fennel, pepper black, star anise and cloves

Allergen Advice: Nut free, preservative free, vegan friendly and contains no bulking agents. May contain traces of wheat.