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Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears

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Struggling with blunt useless kitchen scissors?

These hot-forged, super sharp, stainless steel kitchen shears will cut through just about anything with precision, making them the perfect addition to your kitchen drawer.

Handmade by craftsmen using traditional techniques passed down for centuries, these are designed to do it all – with offset handles for comfortable use, a micro-serrated blade for extra grip, and curved blades for extra strength.

Featuring a notch for cutting through bones, an integral bottle, tin opener and a built-in nutcracker function, these multipurpose kitchen scissors can cut everything from string to baking paper, and herbs to bones. Whatever you throw at them, they’ll get the job done – and they’re dishwasher friendly too!

They're expensive yes, but better to invest in the right tools that actually work, over cheap unhelpful ones that end up in the hard waste pile.

These shears are definitely one to keep for generations.

For 258 years, William Whitely & Sons have been designing and manufacturing beautifully hand-crafted industrial scissors in Sheffield, England; the birthplace of stainless steel. Founded in 1760 and granted a Royal Warrant in 1840, today Whiteley’s is still a family-run firm. Many of our craftsmen’s skills have been handed down through generations, honed to the world-renowned standard we achieve today. From Kevlar in bullet-proof vests for the Ministry Of Defence, to carbon fibre in Formula 1 racing cars they make the finest quality scissors to cut it all!

Production dimensions: 21.8 x 7.8 x1.1cm 

Length of cut: 8cm

Made in: United Kingdom



“The best kitchen scissors” – Moneysense