The term 'detox' has been thrown around a lot which is usually just clever marketing. In actual fact a healthy liver does all the detoxing you need. However there are times our body needs that extra help. Detox or elimination diets explained and done in the right way can actually be life changing.

    Without caring for your gut properly you may experience dysbiosis which is a microbial imbalance where the bad bacteria outweigh or take over the good bacteria. Many health issues can actually be attributed to dysbiosis or leaky gut and sometimes get misdiagnosed.

    Going on an elimination diet could be a good place to start to see what foods adversely affect you. This article explains what an elimination diet is and how this form of detoxing can potentially heal your gut.


    Probiotics are prepared live micro-organisms usually sold in supermarkets or pharmacies in the form of capsules.

    Prebiotics are fibres that stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria that are already present in your gut.

    A combination of introducing probiotics and prebiotics to your diet as well as eliminating certain trigger foods from your meals for a controlled amount of time can improve your gut microbiome.


    Our gut houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system. It’s where your body draws nutrients or minerals present in your food which is vital for body function. So what you eat has a direct impact on your overall health and well-being.

    Poor digestion can affect the functioning of every body system, from the brain, nervous system, energy levels, weight, hormonal balance, reproduction and the liver.